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Industrial action - 27.11.2019 klo 10.41

The ban on handling parcels announced by PAM in Post-in-Shop services comes to an end

Photo: Lehtikuva

PAU has reached an ageement concerning the new collective agreement and working conditions applied to packet distribution workers. Due to the solution PAM has decided that the support measures in connection to the collective agreement bargaining will come to an end.

According to PAM President Annika Rönni-Sällinen, it is good that the parties has reached an agreement in the long-winded situation.

”We are happy for PAU's sake that the negotiations ended in a satisfying way for Posti workers. We also want to say thank you to alla the service sector workers, who supported PAU in its fight for a fair solution."

The supportive measures, which PAM announced due to PAU's collective bargaining, included a ban of handling parcels. The ban on handling parcels and letters in Posti circulation at Post-in-Shop services started Monday 25 November and ends today Wednesday 27 November.

The handling of parcels and letter can continue immediately or latest when the next work shift starts.