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Collective bargaining - 22.01.2020 klo 10.15

The collective negotiations in facilities services continued yesterday

In the facilities services sector, there are employees for example in real estate maintenance and green area tending. Photo: Harri Nurminen.

The negotiations between PAM and Real Estate Employers on minimum working condition and salary continued today. Next negotiation is scheduled for Thursday.

This week PAM and Real Estate Employers are meeting twice. In yesterday's negotiation the parties discussed on new working conditions and the negotiations deepened. The parties discussed the content of their objectives for the negotiations. PAM also commented on its' counterparty's proposal. 

PAM's Organisation Director Risto Kalliorinne and Collective Bargaining Specialist Tarja Pajuniemi describe the atmosphere of the meeting as co-operative.

”Our discussion about the textual content were to the point”, confirm the negotiators. 

Any talk about the salary has not yet risen in the discussions. Followingly, the parties are meeting on Thursday to specify their textual objectives and priorities. 

The collective agreement in the facilities services, which is a generally binding agreement, is expiring January 31, 2020. 

If you want to get rid of kiky (the competitiveness pact), please sign the petition and show your support for the ongoing collective bargaining round!