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Collective bargaining - 16.09.2020 klo 14.00

The corona crisis is reflected in the ongoing collective bargaining within hospitality services

Photo: Jouni Porsanger

PAM and the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa, representing employers, are currently negotiating a collective agreement in hospitality services. Due to the corona pandemic, the outlook for the sector is challenging.

The collective agreements for employees and supervisors in the tourism, restaurant and leisure services are being negotiated in very challenging circumstances. Raimo Hoikkala, PAM's Collective Bargaining Specialist, says that the negotiations are taking place in a situation that has never been experienced before in Finland or at any labour market tables. 

“Employees in the industry have been in an awkward situation since the spring and the contract period has already been extended once. The corona crisis has hit workers in the tourism and restaurant sector in particular, with redundancies and unemployment affecting most. A collective agreement also provides security in exceptional circumstances, and that is why it is an important agreement for everyone”, says Hoikkala.

Operating conditions at stake

In addition to resolving the details of the collective bargaining agreement at the negotiating table, the union is constantly advocating and supervising the interests of service workers, towards both the parliament and the Finnish government. The aim is that Prime Minister Sanna Marin and her cabinet will make decisions that will improve the situation in the tourism industry and secure its vitality.

Last week, PAM emphasized in a statement to the Council of State, that the country's government should promote health-friendly tourism in Finland in every possible way. From the point of view of Finland's economic structure and employment, it is essential that the business operations of companies operating in the tourism industry be maintained, taking into account the safety and health of customers and employees.