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Collective agreement - 13.02.2020 klo 21.10

The mediation in facilities services sector continued today

Photo: Getty Images

The mediation between Service Union United PAM and the Real Estate Employer regarding the collective agreement in facilities services continued today.

The mediation concerning working conditions in the facilities services sector went on until late this evening at the National Conciliator's Office.  There has been no progress so far. Followingly the Agreement sector commission and PAM's Executive Committe will go through the situation tomorrow Friday February 14th. The next mediation is scheduled for Saturday February 15th.

PAM cut off the negotiations at the end of January as the negotiations had not progressed before the collective agreement expired and the employer did not want to negotiate on the kiky-pact. If a solution cannot be reached between the parties, the strikes that PAM's Excecutive Committe has announced will begin in the sector on Tuesday February 18th, 2020. 

Further information about the strike locations and strike related information you can find on PAM's web site.

Join us and show your support to the ongoing collective bargaining round in the service sector by signing the petition online!