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17.06.2022 klo 10.00

"The most important thing is a good boss"

A smiling Mr Alberto at a Justice for Cleaners event at Narinkkatori in Helsinki. Picture: Hildur Boldt

Cleaner Jeromeo Alberto came to the Justice for Cleaners Day event in Helsinki before heading to work. He thinks it should be a paid holiday, so all the cleaners could come to make a celebration.

Mr Alberto has been working in Finland for three years and is working as cleaner for N Clean at Flamingo in Vantaa. He describes working in Finland as a privilege and a gift from God.

Mr Alberto is the breadwinner of his family, so his motto is simple: “More hours of work, more money earned”.

Asked about what justice for cleaners means to him, Mr Alberto talks about good leadership.

"A good boss motivates workers

and inspires them to do well."

“Honestly, the most important thing is a good boss. Even when the work is hard, if you have a good leader, you will not get stressed. A good boss motivates workers and inspires them to do well.”

Mr Alberto says there are  problems in cleaning company that need to be fixed. He mentions the need for more seminars and trainings for new workers, but also for more experienced ones.

Mr Alberto is a member of the Service Union United PAM and urges others to join.

“Everyone should be a union member.”


The International Day of Justice for Cleaners is celebrated  every year on 15 June.

In Finland, the private services sector trade union PAM and  the trade union for public and welfare sectors JHL have organised common events to raise awareness of the importance of the work cleaners do, and that they deserve decent pay and working conditions.

Text:: Hildur Boldt