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well-being at work - 29.11.2021 klo 09.41

The Ollaan ihmisiksi (‘Let’s behave’) campaign begins – combatting inappropriate behaviour through cooperative effort

The Finnish Commerce Federation's and Service Union United (PAM)'s Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign prompts consumers to reflect on their role in promoting the occupational well-being of retailers and other customer service workers. The communications effort launched today is again timed to coincide with the busy Christmas season. The message of an already traditional campaign is not outdated – on the contrary.

The Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign seeks to awaken citizens to think about their own role in enhancing the occupational well-being of customer service professionals.

“Commerce is the largest employer in the economy and the largest employer of young people. We want stores to be safe and pleasant places to work. For employers, it is also a question of personnel safety, their health and safety at work, and in a broader sense it is a question of responsibility,” says Anna Lavikkala, Labour Market Director at the Finnish Commerce Federation.

The Finnish Commerce Federation and PAM launched their first Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign at the end of 2017. Unfortunately, many professionals in the commerce sector are still faced with inappropriate behaviour in their work.

“The verbal violence and inappropriate behaviour experienced by salespeople continue to be common. Unfortunately, the campaign's message is not outdated – on the contrary,” says Erika Kähärä, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor at PAM.

The unions recommend that people maintain a relaxed Christmas cheer when shopping.

“The work and competence of customer service should be respected. A positive cycle is created when employees feel good and the customer has a positive service experience,” the unions state.

The Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign has traditions and the means to move forward

The Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign of the Finnish Commerce Federation and PAM takes place in the busy peak season for commerce – the Christmas trade. The launch date is Monday 29 November. It is also Cyber Monday, with the previous Friday being Black Friday – both commercial theme days from around the world.

The Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign was first launched by the partners at the end of 2017.

The message of the Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign has made an impact on the wider customer service community, and other parties have also wanted to participate: The City of Vantaa carried out its own Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign in 2019, and this autumn the City of Tampere has been vocal about the issue.

“The Ollaan ihmisiksi communication campaigns share an important main message and a common logo, but otherwise the way they are conducted varies. We are delighted that the message is spreading and that the discussion on this important theme is being strengthened through cooperation,” says Pia Pere-Vanhanen, Communications Director at the Finnish Commerce Federation.

The campaign of the Finnish Commerce Federation and PAM is visible in social media and stores. On social media, the following campaign tags are used: #ollaanihmisiksi, #vänligtbemött and #letsbehave.