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Membership - 17.12.2019 klo 12.03

The popular membership benefit continues next year: Cityshoppari 2020 mobile app free of charge

By using the benefits on the card you can save hundreds of euros.

Through the app you can use more than 1000 benefits while shopping, at restaurants, for sport activities and travelling.

PAM-members will receive the mobile app Cityshoppari 2020 free of charge. 

Order an activation code for the app starting from January 2020 by sending a text message to the number 045 7396 0175 with the following text: ”PAM space membershipnumber” (eg. PAM 123456). You will receive a message with a code in return.

If you have ordered the Cityshoppari app for 2019 as a membershipbenefit it will automatically continue until the end of 2020. You don't need to order the Cityshoppari benefit seprately. Instead you can continue using it from the beginning of January. Simple as that!

Further information and instructions on how to activate the app is found at