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Collective bargaining - 25.11.2019 klo 09.01

The question of salary in the collective bargaining for the Ski centers and the Adventure Services Sector is still unresolved

The ongoing collective bargaining is negotiating working conditions for ski center workers and safari guides among others. Photo: Gettyimages

A solution in the collective bargaining for both agreement sectors was not achieved on Sunday. Therefore the agreement negotiations will continue today in the afternoon.

On Sunday collective agreement negotiations were held again within the Skicenter sector and the Adventure Services Sector, but a solution was not achieved. Today, Monday, the negotiations will continue for the skicenter sector after the agreement sector commission has met up after 4.30 pm.  

”We have still not reached a solution, as the question of salary is half way", says PAM's Collective Bargaining Specialist Markku Björn about Sunday's negotiations.

According to Björn Monday could be the key day for the bargaining. It is yet to see wether PAM's Executive Committee will have a proposal to decide upon on Tuesday.

PAM and MaRa are the parties negotiating these sector agreements.