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Membership service

The Service Union United PAM's and the Unemployment Fund's opening hours during summer

The union's and the Fund 's service for members have exceptional opening hours this summer.

PAM's and the Unemployment Fund is serving you as follows during the summer 2019:

Service Union United PAM 24.6–9.8
Membership service, tel. 030 100 600, Mondays 9–15 and Tuesday-Friday 9–12
Employment advice, tel. 030 100 620, Mondays 9–15 and Tuesday-Friday 9–12

The Unemployment Fund's benefit advice 10.6–9.8
tel. 020 690 211, Mondays 9–15 and Tuesday-Friday 9–12

Many of the matters can be dealt with by using the e-services online

PAM and the Fund have their own e-services online, where you can take care of your own matters easy! You can among other things:

  • check and update your personal details, such as email adress and telephone number
  • pay your membership fees
  • provide information to be exempted from membership fees
  • inform PAM about changes in your profession or workplace or in your employment
  • send your unemployment benefit application and attachments to the Fund
  • check the progress of your application
  • send a message directly to the Fund officials who examine the applications.

Take care of your matters online.

Opening hours for regional offices during summer

Helsinki-Uusimaa: is open the whole summer Monday-Tuesday and Thursday–Friday 9–16
Tampere and Turku: closed 8.7 – 19.7, otherwise open Monday–Tuesday and Thursday–Friday 9–12 and 13–16
Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Oulu, Rovaniemi and Vaasa: closed 1–31.7. Otherwise open Monday–Tuesday and Thursday–Friday 9–12 and 13-16
Pori: closed 1.7–2.8. Otherwise open Monday–Tuesday 9-12 and Thursday 13–16
Joensuu: closed 1–31.7. Otherwise open Mondays 9–12 and 13–16, Tuesday–Friday closed
Kouvola: closed 24.6–12.7. Otherwise open Monday–Tuesday and Thursday–Friday 9–12 and 13–16
Lahti: closed 1.7 – 12.7. Otherwise open Monday–Tuesday and Thursday–Friday 9–12 and 13–16

The opening hours for the regional office in Pori was corrected 26.6 at 9.15 am.






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