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Vacancy: Secretary General of the Nordic Union for Workers in the Hotel, Catering and Tourism Sector

The successful applicant will start in the position on 1 November 2019.

The successful applicant will start in the position on 1 November 2019.

The Nordic Union for Workers in the Hotel, Catering and Tourism Sector (NU HRCT) is looking for a Secretary General. Initially the position is temporary, beginning 1 November 2019, but it may become permanent.

The current Secretary General has been granted leave to take up a position that involves other political tasks at the European level. Therefore NU HRCT is looking for a temporary replacement who, in collaboration with the political management, will be in charge of the secretariat, which is located at the offices of the United Federation of Workers (3F) in Denmark. Learn more about NU HRCT's activites on the web site

The work assignments of our secretary general include
• Developing and coordinating collaboration between NU HRCT affiliates in consultation with the NU HRCT management board.
• Preparing and convening board meetings.
• Ensuring that political decisions are implemented in word and deed.
• Organising and running Nordic conferences and working group and ad hoc committee meetings.
• Representing the Nordic affiliates in European and global boards, committees and working groups under EFFAT, IUF and other bodies on the basis of mandates decided by the board.
• Coordinating board meetings in and collaborating with European and global union federations such as EFFAT and IUF.
• Exercising oversight of NU HRCT's budgets and accounts in consultation with the board of NU HRCT.
• Coordinating activities and collaboration with the Nordic Union of Food Workers and the Nordic Green Sector.
• Preparing newsletters, press releases and statements of solidarity.
• Keeping the NU HRCT website updated.

Required skills and abilities
• Knowledge of the structures of NU HRCT and its affiliates.
• In-depth knowledge of the hotel, catering and tourism sector in the Nordic region and globally.
• Experience with and knowledge of political and organisational structures in the Nordic labour market, including experience from union work and political work.
• Fundamental knowledge of Nordic and European trade union movements.
• Good interpersonal skills and strong communication skills.
• Leadership and financial management experience.
• Knowledge of the European Union and institutions with relations to the labour market.
• Confident use of IT tools such as Word and Excel.
• Ability to speak/understand Danish, Norwegian and Swedish – and possibly also Icelandic and Finnish -– and ability to communicate in English.

The Secretariat is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fellesforbundet (the Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions) currently holds the presidency of NU HRCT. You can contact president Clas Delp on +47 23 06 31 06 or secretary general Kristjan Bragason on +46 76130 8810 for further information. You are also welcome to contact the Finnish member of our board from Service Union United PAM: Jaana Ylitalo, tel. +358 505 881 170.

This vacancy is published through the seven Nordic member unions. Applications including relevant data should be sent by ordinary mail to NU HRCT, c/o 3F, 4 Kampmannsgade, DK-1790 Copenhagen V, for the attention of Jeanne Tingleff, or submitted by email to Applications must reach the Secretariat by 1 August 2019.

Job interviews are expected to take place after the summer holiday period. The successful applicant will start in the position on 1 November 2019. Flexible start-up may be arranged if necessary due to current employment obligations.






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