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Working conditions - 15.12.2019 klo 15.00

Working hours and payments for the Christmas and New Year period now available in one place – Take a look!

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Annual leave, midweek public holiday or accrued days off? What if you work part-time? There are many questions because the Christmas period is not so straightforward when it comes to working conditions.

If you work in the retail sector, hospitality services, facility services, private security, a pharmacy, the ski resort sector or leisure service sectors, you can check the rules in the collective agreement for the Christmas and New Year period in the new wiki card. You will find it here.

Working as temporary staff during the holidays? 
If you are working as an assistant at Christmas, you should also check your rights. Temporary employees have the same working conditions as others.

It is also good to remember that when temporary workers leave their employment, they must also be paid accrued holidays in the final salary payment, among other things. As a general rule, employees earn annual holiday for every calendar month containing at least 14 working days. If an employee works so infrequently that they do not accrue months containing 14 days, annual holiday is earned for those months when they have done at least 35 working hours.

The employment certificate received for seasonal work can also help you to find employment later on. Don't forget to ask for a certificate. The employer is obliged to give you one by law when the employee asks for an employment certificate.

In PAM's Wiki-cards, you can browse handy information about work life and union life. Please click here.  

This news was published for the first time 21.12.2018 and has been updated partly 15.12.2019.