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Worries about second coronavirus wave made Daniel join PAM

Daniel says a customer's smile is the best reward in daily customer service work paras. He loves his job as a salesman, and in the space of ten years he has learnt a lot at the legendary Stockmann department store. Photo: Liisa Takala.

Life can change in an instant. After being laid off, Daniel Canga, who has a long work history as a sales assistant and in customer service roles, spent the corona spring studying. He reasoned that you can’t compromise on security in working life and joined PAM early in the summer.

I am Daniel Canga, 29.

I live in Helsinki.

I joined PAM 12 May 2020.

I work as a sports goods sales assistant at the Stockmann department store in Helsinki. I first came to Stockmann to help out at the Crazy Days over 10 years ago, and stayed on as a salesman.   

My work involves traditional sales and service work, the layout of the sports department, unpacking goods for the store as well as cleaning up the shelves and sales space. The sales staff also pick online orders, so there’s plenty to do. 
The working day starts with me cycling to work, then I grab my iPad and read off the key information on the product and brand range. For this it’s important for me to be I’m active myself, and if necessary I can ask my colleagues. 
Having flexible working hours means I can combine my job with my love of sport. I play football and golf. When I was younger I played second-division football, but my footballing career ended when my job came along. Having a sales job brought a new element of security to my life. 

Sales work is very varied. You learn something new every day. I also like the way every day is different and the customers are different. The service has to be the same, however. With the right attitude and approach, you can achieve good results, and that’s what counts in sales work.

The best part of my work is the feeling of success and a job well done. It’s rewarding when I see the customer smiling and I am thanked for good service. That’s why you can keep on doing this job. You need to stay focused even if you’re faced with a difficult customer. Having good instincts helps in many situations. If you can’t work something out, your colleague will. 

My team are just the best. We are like another family because we get on so well together. That’s why it was sad to be away from work for so long in the spring. We returned to work gradually, and now the regular team are back together. 

Corona taught me that life can change in an instant. I have been in working life a long time, and the corona spring meant I could start business studies. I’m studying at Helsinki Business College on  an apprenticeship from Stockmann. I spent most of the time in the corona spring studying, and I aim to graduate next summer. 

I am trained as a dental lab technician and a hairdresser. I studied for those occupations while working. But I like sales work, and nowadays cutting hair is more of a hobby. Before I started as a salesman at Stockmann, I did construction work and I was an agency shop worker with Staffpoint. 

In future I want to continue in sales and customer service roles. Stockmann also offers its workers good career prospects. For now I’m happy in my present job, but in future I could consider studying at a university of applied sciences. 

Being a union member means security. If there is a second wave of coronavirus, I want to be sure I’m on the safe side. In the spring I was on Kela labour market subsidy, but I also had to dip into my savings to get by, because I wasn’t in the union. I regret not joining earlier because it was really easy. Just a couple of clicks online, and five minutes later I was a member. It’s definitely worthwhile joining.

I spend my leisure time doing sport. I also do emceeing and modelling work alongside my job. My motto is life is there to be enjoyed, both work and leisure. I also enjoy travelling with my family and meeting friends. This summer we’re playing safe, travelling by car in Finland.