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You can earn a gift voucher worth €250 – or even more!

As a shop steward, you play a significant role in recommending PAM membership. So please recommend membership to as many people as possible! When you get 10 new members (not student members) during a period of three (3) months, you receive a gift voucher worth €250. Already for one member you get a gift voucher worth €10.

The more members you sign up, the more you earn! Check out the reward tiers for shop stewards below (incl. shop stewards, safety representatives and EWC representatives and their deputies). 

The more employees sign up, the stronger the position of a shop steward. A membership should be recommended as soon as a new employee starts working – but even for those who have been working for a longer time, but are not members yet.

When you offer PAM membership, tell your colleague that when they join they get security in working life and great membership benefits, including career coaching and the CityShoppari app! 

Recommend online: send a ready-made message by e-mail, post card, WhatsApp or Messenger!

On the recommendation site, you can send ready-made messages via different channels. You can also send messages in English! This is a great feature if you have non-native speaking or immigrant colleagues. You can easily change the language from the top right corner. When you send a message via the recommendation site, the recommender’s details stay with it all the way to the membership form.

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How the rewards work

The reward system works in three-month periods. The value of the gift voucher you get for a period depends on the number of members you recruit in that period.

Note! Exceptionally, the second  period in 2022 will last for two months from 1 April to 31 May. The third period is four months from June 1 to September 30.

The periods are: 1 January – 31 March, 1 April – 30 May, 1 June – 30 September and 1 October – 31 December.

Rewards for new members:

Rewards for new student members:

Rewards for new student members:

Recruited members must be PAM members when the details of the membership recruitment period are checked, i.e. in the middle of the month following the membership recruitment period. We only reward one recommender per new member. 

What to do when you recommend

Gift vouchers and taxation

PAM will inform the Finnish Tax Administration of all gift cards you receive. According to the Tax Administration’s instructions, gift cards are taxable income. Note! A Finnish personal identity code is needed for the Tax Authority. If you don’t have a Finnish personal identity code, please see

Getting your gift vouchers

At the end of the reward period you can choose the gift vouchers you have earned in PAM’s online store. You can choose gift vouchers for the amount you are entitled to based on the number of members you recruited. You can also choose vouchers for more than one retailer (S-Group, Lidl, K-Group).

We remind you of the gift vouchers you have earned by e-mail. So if necessary remember to update your contact details in PAM’s e-services.

Gift vouchers must be redeemed within two (2) months of the end of the membership recruitment period. Gift vouchers for the period cannot be redeemed after this.

For members recruited in the period   Gift vouchers must be redeemed by
1 January – 31 March:   31 May
1 April – 30 May:   31 August
1 June – 30 September: 30 November
1 October – 31 December:   28 February







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