Recommend membership

The more members you recruit, the more you’ll earn!

Recommend PAM membership to your friends. When your friend joins, you’ll receive a reward while your friend will have better employment security.

You’ll receive an S Group gift card worth €250 when you recruit 5 new members (not applicable to student members)! You’ll even be rewarded for recruiting just a single new member – in this case, an S Group gift card worth €10 will come your way!

The more members you recruit, the more you’ll earn! You’ll receive an gift card worth €500 for 10 members, €750 for 15 members, etc.

Rewards for recruiting student members are slightly different. You’ll receive S Group gift card worth €10 when you recruit two new student members. You’ll earn a €100 gift card for five student members and a €200 gift card for 10 student members.

Friends get a CityShoppari 2018 card when they join!

Whenever you tell a friend about joining PAM, remember to mention that membership not only provides protection in working life; as a thank you for joining there’s also a CityShoppari 2018 discount card! The card gives up to 1000 discounts at over 400 participating companies all over Finland and saves you hundreds of euros. The card works on your smartphone. N.B. the download link is sent to your e-mail, so remember to give your e-mail address when you join.

Recommend membership online

Recommend here

It’s easy to recommend membership online! What’s more, the recruiter’s details will be transferred direct to the PAM Membership Register.

Here’s how rewards work

When you recruit regular members (not applicable to student members) during a three-month period (from 1 Jan.–31 March, 1 April–30 June, 1 July–30 Sept. or 1 Oct.–31 Dec.):

1 member =  S Group gift card worth €10
2 members = €20 gift card
3 members = €30 gift card
4 members = €40 gift card
5 members = €250 gift card
6 members = €260 gift card
7 members = €270 gift card
8 members = €280 gift card
9 members = €290 gift card
10 members = €500 gift card
11 members = €510 gift card

When you recruit student members during a three-month period (from 1 Jan.–31 March, 1 April–30 June, 1 July–30 Sept. or 1 Oct.–31 Dec.):

1 student member -> no reward
2 student members = S Group gift card worth €10
3 student members = €15 gift card
4 student members = €20 gift card
5 student members = €100 gift card
6 student members = €105 gift card
7 student members = €110 gift card
8 student members = €115 gift card
9 student members = €120 gift card
10 student members = €200 gift card
11 student members = €205 gift card

Rewards for employee representatives

Employee representatives will be rewarded in a slightly different way. If you are an employee representative, read more here (in Finnish).

Gift cards and taxation

Gift cards totalling over €100 are taxable income. PAM will notify the tax authorities on your behalf of the gift cards that you have earned if their combined value amounts to €100 or more within one year.

Home delivery of gift cards

Your gift cards will be posted to your home address as a registered letter, which means that you’ll need to collect them from your post office when you receive a notification at your home address.

Gift cards will be delivered with an approximate delay of 5 weeks from the end of each three-month member recruitment period. In practical terms, this means that gift cards for members recruited during the first quarter will arrive in early May, while gift cards for the second, third and fourth quarters will be delivered in early August, early November and early February, respectively.

Here’s what to do when recommending membership:

  • Enter your own name and membership number or date of birth in the ‘Membership was recommended by’ section or ask the friend who is joining to fill in your details. This is crucial, because missing recruiter entries or undelivered admission forms will not be investigated afterwards. If you send a postcard or an e-mail to your friend through the recommendation site, your details will automatically be entered on the admission form.
  • If you use printed admission forms when recommending membership, it’s a good idea to type the same details into the online admission form ( This then submits the admission form immediately to PAM and transfers the recruiter’s (i.e. your own) details automatically to the Membership Register. If you type in the recruitment details online, you don’t have to send the printed admission forms to PAM.