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Please notice that PAM and Unemployment Fund helplines are experiencing high call volumes especially in the morning. Answers to many questions is found on our web site.

Membership services

Member's service 030 100 630 is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from  10 am to 2 pm.

Employment advice

030 100 625  weekdays 10 am to 2 pm

Unemployment benefit advice 
020 690 211 weekdays from  10 am to 2 pm

Shop steward elections

Shop steward and occupational safety elections will be held at workplaces in autumn 2021. Elections can, however, be held at any time if for example a shop steward steps down or a workplace is electing a shop steward for the first time.

Everybody benefits from electing a shop steward

It is in everybody’s interest for workplaces to have a shop steward. Shop stewards look after the interests of the employees they represent and ensure that collective agreements and employment laws are respected at the workplace. They negotiate with employers on matters affecting employees and are involved in developing the working community. Shop stewards also make sure that employees are treated equally and fairly. If necessary shop stewards can also give advice if there are changes or problems at the workplace.

Could you be a shop steward?

Are you a PAM member, and do you want to listen to your co-workers and support them? You know the situation at your workplace and you would like to improve things? You would like to help your co-workers in employment issues?

If the answer is yes, you would make a fantastic shop steward!

Training for the job

Shop stewards don’t have to be superhumans who know all the ins and outs of working life. PAM provides training in various locations all year round for new and existing shop stewards alike.

You can find more information on electing shop stewards on this website.

Step up to the challenge or encourage a colleague to stand – the entire workplace will benefit!

What do shop stewards do?

Shop stewards are employees’ representatives at the workplace and are the prime benefit for PAM members. They are experts in employment matters who advise and help employees at the workplace and negotiate with employers. Shop stewards do not operate alone – they are supported both by their own working community and PAM’s experts.

  • develop employees’ wellbeing and ensure that no-one is without support when they need it
  • know the everyday situation at the workplace and are the point of contact between employees, PAM and the employer negotiate with the employer on matters affecting employees
  • ensure that the collective agreement and employment legislation are respected at the workplace
  • interact with other staff representatives
  • actively recruit new members
  • maintain good labour relations

There are different shop steward functions:
head shop steward, shop steward, workplace shop steward, deputy head shop steward, deputy shop steward, deputy workplace shop steward.

What is an elected representative?

Elected representative is a general term for an employee elected by employees to be their representative in workplace matters. The usual workplace duties of elected representatives are shop steward and occupational safety duties.

What do occupational safety representatives do?

The job of occupational safety representatives includes assessing and reducing hazards and risks at the workplace

  • employee orientation in safe working
  • employee orientation in safe working practices
  • monitoring compliance with safety guidelines
  • resolving and analysing incidents in company/service activities
  • setting up and monitoring operational guidelines for a functioning work community
  • actions to promote ensuring working capacity and extending working life
  • complying with new legal requirements
  • (forecasting) and implementation in the working community with the employer.

Occupational safety representatives are entitled and required to suspend dangerous working.