Strike pay - Industrial action pay

The amount of strike pay

The Executive Committee has decided to grant strike pay for the period of the work stoppage in the facilities services sector as follows: It is decided to pay strike pay to workers in the facilities services sector who are union members and who would have had a working shift of at least 4 hours during the announced stoppage and who will suffer loss of earnings because of this. Strike pay is 60 € (46.80 €)/day of industrial action for which there has been loss of income.

Strike pay is tax-free up to 16 euros, after which tax is paid according to the withholding tax percentage. This means that if strike pay is sixty (60) euros, the member is paid 46.80 euros. You do not need to send your tax card to PAM.

Do I need to notify the union I am participating in the strike?

In order to get strike pay you need to register with PAM according to PAM’s instructions. Strike pay will be paid to union members, and a criteria for that is registration for strike. The finnishing work should be done properly by checking that the doors are locked and other finnishing duties should as well be done in normal order.

How can I get strike pay?

Strike pay is only paid to PAM's members. The membership fee has to be paid for you to reciece strike pay. In order to recieve the payment, you have to register for the strike on the first day of the strike accordingly. If you are a member of another union, PAM pays the strike pay to you based on the same grounds as for PAM's own members within the strike locations.

If I join during the strike, am I eligible for strike pay?

You may apply for strike pay, if you join the union at the latest 1 March 2018 either filling in an electronic admisison form, by calling us or visiting one of the regional offices. Please note that written admission forms sent by mail should be received no later than on 1 March 2018. The strike pay will be paid when the first membership fee has been paid to PAM. Join PAM here.

When do I register for strike?

You can register for the strike earliest on the first strike day. A form will be opened at PAM's home page later. The form works as a strike pay application as well.