Contact information 

Please notice that PAM and Unemployment Fund helplines are experiencing high call volumes especially in the morning. Answers to many questions is found on our web site.

Membership services

030 100 630 10 am to 2 pm

Employment advice

030 100 625  10 am to 2 pm

Unemployment benefit advice 

020 690 211 10 am to 2 pm

The coronavirus and service work

The coronavirus has had a large impact on service workers and their ordinary life in the service sectors. We have gathered current information and instructions for PAM members on these pages. Read more from the subpages! These pages are updated regularly. 

Information about the situation of applications

Watch the video to learn how to apply for unemployment benefits. Other advice related to your income, you can find here.


Watch the video in Finnish with arabic subtitles:



Watch the video in English with hindi subtitles:



Shop steward assists you at your workplace

The shop steward is your closest aid and can help you answering many questions and work-related problems. He/she is there for the workers! Don't hesitate to contact the shop steward if there is something on your mind. 

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PAM's live broadcasts

Coronavirus related questions in connection to PAM members employment are being answered live in the following broadcasts:

Live broadcast from 27 April


Live broadcast from 15 April


Live broadcast from 30 March


Live broadcast from 20 March: 


Live broadcast from 25 March: 


Live broadcast from 27 March: