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How to apply for training for staff representatives

Applying for a course
Are wages paid during a course?
Applying for general courses at Kiljava
Instructions for employers

To apply for training for shop stewards and occupational safety representatives, you first register as an applicant in the event calendar. Where possible, apply for courses in your own region. Course participants are selected at the end of the application period.

If you apply for a basic course, please remember to complete the orientation first.

Applying for a course

  • Before registering, agree with your manager that you can attend the course
  • Next, register as an applicant for the course in the  event calendar
  • Check that your employer’s/manager’s contact details are correct in the application
  • When you register, a message is automatically sent to your manager requesting approval of study leave for the course and details of payment of loss of earnings/wages. If a course is in several parts, study leave is granted for the entire course at once
  • Check that your manager approves your application before the last registration date
  • Course participants are selected at the end of the application period

If you are selected for a course, you get a confirmation message by e-mail about three weeks before the course starts. If the course is full, we will contact you at the end of the application period.

Register in the event calendar :
1) Choose the course you want to register for in PAM’s event calendar
2) Press 'Register'
3) Log in with your online banking codes or mobile ID and complete the registration.

Are wages paid during a course?

Some training for staff representatives is covered by employer support, meaning your employer compensates you for loss of earnings equivalent to your pay. You can find the training for 2021 that is covered by employer support here. The list will be added to when negotiations have been concluded with Palta. 

If your employer doesn’t pay compensation for loss of earnings (wages) for the period of the course, PAM will support your course attendance. Training support depends on the course and your staff representative role. Ask your employer to enter your net pay in the loss of earnings form. You can download a template loss of earnings certificate here. More detailed instructions are sent out with the course invitation.

Paper applications for general courses at Kiljava Institute

Applications for general courses at Kiljava Institute are always made via PAM’s course secretary (kurssisihteeri(at), and the actual course application must also be completed. You can find all Kiljava courses at

Instructions for employers

Study leave for staff representatives is approved by the employer’s representative. Generally this is the manager or HR director.
You can print the full instructions for approvers here.

Guide to registration for employer-supported courses here in English.

In brief, the registration process goes as follows:

  • The staff representative discusses with the employer which course he/she wants to take.
  • The staff representative registers for the training via PAM’s website and notifies the name and e-mail address of his/her manager (employer’s representative approving the registration). The person registering is responsible for the information being correct.
  • The employer’s representative gets an e-mail with the training that the staff representative has registered for in the title 
  • Via the link, the employer grants:
    • study leave for the entire period of the course and pays loss of earnings OR
    • study leave for the entire period of the course, but does not pay loss of earnings.
  • If the employer does not approve either alternative, i.e. denies course attendance, no confirmation is sent via the link. The matter is investigated further if necessary. 

Any questions? Send a message: kurssisihteeri(at)