A future in services -
PAM’s Congress elections 2019

You have the possibility to influence the service sector’s future, when PAM’s new decision makers are elected next spring. Join us in creating a better shared future. The service sector and your work community needs you!

Pre-registration for election 1.10.2018–31.12.2018

(The link for registration will open on 1.10.2018)

The Union Congress is electing a Union President, the President’s personal deputy, PAM’s Council and Executive Committee. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make an impact on who will be leading the union’s activities for the next four-year period.

We are organizing election training for the candidates, and so there is no need for previous experience or knowledge of standing as a candidate.

You can register as a candidate if you are a paying member of PAM, or if you have been exempted from paying the membership fee. Your electoral district is determined by your own branch automatically.

You are not eligible, if you are on old-age pension or wholly on disability pension, if you are a student member, an official hired by the union or the branches.