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Adjusted earnings-related unemployment allowance

Updated: 08.04.2021

The basis for the adjustment of earnings-related unemployment allowance changed in the beginning of April 2019. Read more.

Your earnings-related unemployment allowance will be adjusted if:

1. you are working part-time (because of your employer);

2. you are working reduced hours due to a temporary lay-off;

3. you have accepted full-time work lasting a maximum period of two weeks;

4. you receive earnings from entrepreneurship or self-employment.

The adjustment procedure means that half your earnings will be deducted from the earnings-related unemployment allowance payable to a full-time unemployed person. Any part of your earnings that exceed the exempt amount of €300 per month will be taken into account as part of the adjustment procedure.

Adjusted allowance is payable for five days per week, including any working days. No allowance will be paid if your working hours during a specific application period (such as a month) exceed 80% of a full-time employee’s maximum working hours.

The sum total of adjusted allowance and pay from employment may amount to a maximum of 100% of the pay used as the basis for determining your allowance.

The waiting period is equivalent to five full working days. If you work part-time, this means that the waiting period is usually longer than five working days.

However, the waiting period will not apply, if it has been taken into account at the beginning of your previous maximum allowance period and if the first allowance day falls within a year of the start of the previous maximum period.

The days for which you have received allowance payments will also count towards the 500-day (or 400-day) maximum period of eligibility for earnings-related unemployment allowance. However, the days counted towards the maximum period will accumulate more slowly, because adjusted allowance is not as high as the full amount of earnings-related unemployment allowance.

You should apply for adjusted earnings-related unemployment allowance within three months of the period covered by your application.

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