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Agreement Sector Commission

Updated: 26.02.2020

The collective agreements that PAM makes and matters affecting the agreement sectors are discussed in the Agreement Sector Commissions. These are groupings of experts that prepare matters for PAM’s Executive Committee.

There are 27 Agreement Sector Commissions. The members of the Agreement Sector Commissions are chosen by the Executive Committee. They are usually shop stewards in their agreement sector or other activists from around Finland.

They are required to have expertise in the work of the sector they represent and in collective agreement activities.

The main responsibility of the Agreement Sector Commissions is to focus collective agreement matters.

In collective agreement negotiations PAM’s Executive Committee decides on the objectives and approves all of PAM’s collective agreements. Before the negotiations the Agreement Sector Commissions discuss e.g. proposals by the branches on how the collective agreements should be amended. When a negotiating result has been achieved with the employers’ federation, the Agreement Sector Commission discusses it. Only then does the Executive Committee decide whether to approve or reject the result.

The Agreement Sector Commissions also discuss industrial policy, occupational health and safety, NGO activity, training, draft legislation and court cases with special relevance for the agreement sector.

Details of the members of the Agreement Sector Commissions are given here in Finnsih.

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