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Black market work

Did you know that if your employer wants to pay your salary in cash instead of bank transfer, it’s usually a question of undeclared work. Undeclared work is illegal. In all employment relationships, the employer pays the salary into your account, and you will receive a pay slip as proof.

Black market workers are always in a worse position than employees with legal work contracts. For example, in case of an accident at work, black market workers are not necessarily covered by the accident insurance paid by the employer.

Give your tax card to your employer

Do not agree to do illegal work. Always take your tax deduction card to your employer when you begin at a new job. Insist that your wages are paid into your bank account and you are given a proper payslip.

You can order a tax deduction card from the tax office (http://www.vero.fi/). When you visit the office and apply for your tax deduction card, remember to take along your employment contract. The office needs it, because it shows the wages that you pay taxes on.

Salary should be paid on a bank account

In a normal employment relationship, the employer pays your salary to your bank account. You will also get a pay slip, which shows your basic salary, any compensation for extra hours, and fees taken from your salary.

The employer subtracts tax deductions, employees’ pension contribution and unemployment insurance contribution from your salary. The trade union membership fee is also deducted directly from your salary, if you agree so with your employer.

Generally, pensions are arranged to provide people with an income at old age but also in the case of incapacity for work, long-term unemployment or death of the provider in the family. If you work illegally, you do not earn pension.

The employer must also take a personal accident insurance and pay an insurance fee for every employee. The personal accident insurance will also provide compensation in the case of accident at workplace or while travelling to work, or in the case of an occupational disease.

Write down working shifts

It’s easier to check your extra hours, overtime work and holiday compensation, when you’ve written down your work shifts yourself.


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