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Employment of young workers aged under 18

Updated: 16.01.2020

Summer workers aged under 18 are governed by different terms and conditions of employment than adults. If necessary, check the special provisions relating to the working hours, weekly rest periods and occupational health and safety of underage workers.

Workers aged 15 to 17

  • Regular working hours: 8 h/day, 40 h/week
  • Overtime: 80 h/year maximum, an additional 40 h/year with special permission
  • Maximum working hours: 9 h/day, 48 h/week
  • Distribution of working time: between 6 am and 10 pm (up until 11 pm for domestic work); up until midnight for two-shift work for the purpose of vocational training
  • Uninterrupted daily rest period: 12 h/day
  • Weekly rest period: 38 h/week.

Remember breaks!

Working hours for workers of compulsory school age during school terms: 7 h/day on free days, 2 h/day on school days; total weekly working hours 12 h/week. The combined length of a school day and working hours may be a maximum of 8 hours per day!

Sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products in the retail trade: those aged under 18 may only sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products with supervision.

Sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products at restaurants: those aged under 18 are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages unless they have completed sufficient vocational training or qualifications. Further information is available in the guidelines for Alcohol Issues in Licensed Premises published by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, Valvira (see section 1.7 Staff).

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