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Holidays on facilities service sector

Updated: 11.07.2019

Check the collective agreement for the facilities service sector for regulations on annual holidays. You can also ask your own shop steward at work.

How is the length of your holiday defined?

You entitled to a certain number of holidays for every full holiday credit month as follows:

Length of employment between April 1 and March 31

Length of holiday

less than a year

2 working days

The length of the holiday is 24 days, which is taken in the summer. Winter holidays have not yet been accumulated.

at least 1 year 

2.5 working days

The length of the holiday is 30 days, of which 24 days are taken in the summer period and 6 during the coming winter.

A full holiday credit month is a month when, according to your work contract, you have worked either 14 days or 35 hours during the month in question.

Holiday pay

In the facilities service sector, your holiday pay is calculated according to your working time. There are 2 rules for calculating the holiday pay: the 14-day rule and the 35-hour rule. Check your shop steward or the payroll department at work for information on which rule is used for your holiday pay.

Employees with monthly pay (14-day rule)

If you have a monthly pay, the daily pay for the annual holiday is received by dividing the monthly pay by 25. This calculation is done by using the size of the monthly pay in the month when your holiday starts. The daily pay is multiplied by the number of earned holiday days. The annual holiday pay that is calculated on the basis of a basic monthly pay is balanced on the following pay day.

If you have a monthly pay, a certain percentage of the night compensation, overtime compensation and shift compensation paid during the credit year are added to your holiday pay.

For example: You earn 1450 euros per month and your bonuses during the holiday credit year are 500 euros. You have earned 24 days of summer holidays and 6 days of winter holidays.

When the 24-day summer holiday starts, you are paid:

  • The basic salary 1 450€: 25 × 24 = 1392€
  • The amount of bonuses 9% or 11.5% (depending on the length of the employment relationship), for example 11.5% x 500€ = 57.5€
  • Summer holiday pay 1 392€ + (24 × 57.5€ : 30) = 1 438€

Employees with hourly pay (35-day rule)

The holiday pay is counted on the basis of the paid salaries between April 1 and March 31 as well as the bonuses paid according to the following chart.

Compensations paid during the holiday credit year (April 1 - March 31)

Less than a year of employment by March 31

More than a year of employment by March 31

• basic salary
• evening work bonus
• night work bonus
• Sunday work bonus
• shift bonuses



For example: An employee has been employed for 12 months by the end of the holiday credit year (March 31). Your earnings in total for the holiday credit year between April 1 and March 31 is 15 000 euros.

In this case, you can calculate your holiday pay by counting 11.5% of your salary. It can be calculated as follows: 

(15 000€ x 11.5): 100) = 1725€

1725€ is the holiday pay.

The holiday bonus is 50% of your holiday pay, that is 1725€: 2 = 862.5€

Employees with hourly pay (14-day rule)

According to the 14-day rule, the annual holiday pay is calculated according to your average pay per hour. If your holiday pay has been calculated according to this rule, ask your shop steward for assistance in checking the amount paid. 

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