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Instructions for admission form

These instructions help you to fill in the digital entry form.

Entry form: for new PAM members.


Membership in Service Union United PAM and PAM' Unemployment Fund is open to all persons with the status of an employee in the private service sectors, including foremen and supervisors. Self-employed persons, practitioners and entrepreneurs who only employ themselves, as well as service sector students can also join PAM.

Joining PAM becomes possible when you have a valid employment relationship with wages. It is not possible to join PAM or its Unemployment Fund during the periods when payment of the fee is not required.

Periods of no membership fee payments include:

  • Unpaid maternity, paternity and parental leave
  • Period in which Kela is paying a per diem for sickness or unemployment
  • Military service
  • Full-time studies (alternative: join as a student member!)

Membership card

When you join PAM, you will have a mobile membership card. It is an environmentally friendly option, always with you in your mobile phone. If you want, you can order a regular plastic card from our E-Services.

Start of membership in PAM and its Unemployment Fund

According to the bylaws of the Unemployment Fund, membership starts from the day marking the beginning of the membership fee payments, however, no earlier than the date in which the written membership application has been received by PAM and the Unemployment Fund. The Bylaws of the Unemployment Fund can be consulted at https://www.pam.fi/en/unemploymentfund/Pages/Default.aspx  [tulevatko englanniksi?]

Transfer from another union and unemployment fund

Under the Unemployment Fund Act, a person can be a member of only one unemployment fund at the time. When you join PAM, make sure that your membership with your previous union and unemployment fund are in force until the transfer day. This will ensure that you transfer takes place without any interruptions in your membership.

In order to maintain the criteria of valid employment in force, the transfer from one unemployment fund to the other must take place within 30 days from the change.

Please advise you previous union/unemployment fund about the transfer to PAM. If you wish, you can also authorise PAM to terminate your membership in the previous union/unemployment fund.

Several employments

If you have more than one employment when you join PAM, write the information on your main job in the form. The information on other employments can be added through the member e-services.

Fixed-term employment

If you employment is temporary, please indicate the starting date and eventual period of no membership payments (e.g. studying) through the member e-services.

Change of employer

Any time your employer or workplace changes, a new agreement on fee withdrawals must be made with the employer in order to ensure that the membership fee payments are not interrupted.

Limitations related to entrepreneurs and managers in joining PAM and its unemployment fund

If you own a share, specified below, of your employer company or otherwise meet the entrepreneur criteria, you are, as a main rule, considered an entrepreneur in terms of unemployment benefits. Therefore, you are not necessarily entitled to receive a per diem of a union unemployment fund.

The criteria of entrepreneurship are met by a person who

  • is liable to pay the YEL or MYEL pension insurance premiums; or
  • is covered by other statutory pension insurance schemes; and
  • works and has a leadership position in a company where he or she owns at least 15% or his/her family members or he/she together with the family members own at least 30% of the share capital (voting rights);
  • works in a non-leadership position in a limited liability company where he or she or his/her family member or he/she together with the family members own at least 50% of the share capital or the voting rights based on the shares, or similar form of control.

Also the family members of an active partner in a limited partnership (Finnish ‘ky’) working for the company as well as family members of a business proprietor are considered to be entrepreneurs.

Leading position refers to managing directors, board members or similar. Family member refers to married spouses or common-law partners as well as the entrepreneur’s direct descendant or ascendant relatives  (children, parents) living in the same household.

Self-employed persons and practitioners

PAM’s entrepreneur membership is only open to self-employed persons and practitioners. The self-employed people and practitioners pay their membership fee calculated from the earnings constituting the basis of their pension premiums. A self-employed person or practitioner cannot be a member of the PAM Unemployment Fund.

Membership fee

The Union operations and services are financed through the membership fees which are paid in percentage of the wages and salaries. The membership fee also includes the fee for the Unemployment Fund. The PAM Representative Assembly determines the membership fee annually.

The PAM and Unemployment Fund membership fee is paid on all taxable wages and salaries, benefits and charges paid by the employer.

It is also paid on part-time work and work performed during the period in which the member receives an adjusted unemployment allowance. The Unemployment Fund will withdraw the membership fee from the per diems and benefits paid. The membership fee must also be paid by students if they have a wage-paying job.

Payment of membership fees

The most convenient way to pay the membership fees is to agree with the employer on the payment. The employer can start to withdraw the membership fees from the wages only after the respective agreement on union fee payments has been signed.

When you tick the box “Employer withdraws the membership fee”, PAM will send the withdrawal agreement to your payroll office/employer, thereby starting the membership fee withdrawals.  If the withdrawals cannot start immediately as from the beginning of membership, the member will receive a bank transfer note for the period between the employer's withdrawals and the beginning of membership. By paying the membership fee you can ensure that your membership with PAM starts from the day you join the Union.

If your employment with the same employer ends but restarts after a while, you must ensure that the membership fee withdrawals are not interrupted.

The Union must also be informed when the employer’s membership fee withdrawals end.

If you pay the membership fee yourself, PAM will send you the banking reference numbers. You can also pay the fee through the member e-services. Log in with the member number which you will receive in a SMS once your membership information has been recorded in the PAM register. If PAM does not have your mobile phone number, you will see the member number in the membership card.

Later changes to your data

You can update your personal data through PAM’s member e-services. Log in with the member number which you will receive in a SMS once your membership information has been recorded in the PAM register. If you have not given your mobile number to PAM, you will see you member number in the membership card, sent to you by mail within a month from the date in which your membership is recorded in the system.


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