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Please notice that PAM and Unemployment Fund helplines are experiencing high call volumes especially in the morning. Answers to many questions is found on our web site.

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Unemployment benefit advice 020 690 211 10 am to 2 pm

Job search, support, welfare and other services for the unemployed

Updated: 13.04.2021

PAM and its partners offer services for unemployed members. These include free hygiene pass and occupational health and safety card training, job search coaching and low-budget subsidised holidays.

PAM’s Job site lists service sector job vacancies.

The Unemployment Fund of Service Union United provides unemployment security for members. Go to the website here.


Personal job search coaching
Skills pass training for the unemployed
PAM’s Job site
PAM’s Career service for jobseekers
Subsidised holidays at special prices
TE services

TATSI job coach

Do you need help in searching for a job? Do you want to update your CV, identify your skills better and find hidden jobs? Did you know that PAM offers unemployed members personal job coaching through TATSI? It is worth contacting the job coach! More information here (in Finnish).

Skills pass training for the unemployed

Did you know that PAM supports unemployed members by providing skills pass training to members? Unemployed PAM members can complete one skills pass training module a year at PAM’s expense at Amiedu OR Alertum. The list includes hygiene pass, occupational health and safety card and first aid training. Amiedu’s training programmes are in Helsinki, but Alertum operates all around Finland! More information in Finnish.

PAM’s Job site

Did you know there is a site specially designed for people working in PAM’s service sectors? On PAM’s Job site you can conveniently find job vacancies in PAM sectors. Search for jobs and create an alert in Finnish here.

PAM’s Career service for jobseekers

Did you know that PAM provides members support and sparring sessions via its online PAM career service?

On PAM’s career service you can watch videos, participate in webinars and get personal job coaching by phone and online.

On PAM’s career service you can also book a personal coaching appointment with a career coach and get advice and sparring for various areas of working life and your own skills, for example making good job applications or a CV. Laid-off and unemployed PAM members can participate in personal coaching without the 3 euro starting fee.

Find more information in Finnish on PAM’s career service here.

Subsidised holidays

Have you heard about subsidised holidays organised by PHT and Hyvinvointilomat, which are subsidised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health from Veikkaus funds? For unemployed persons, the holidays are cheaper than for others. PHT organises welfare sessions for families and persons of working age at different locations all around Finland.

If you are unemployed or laid-off, you can go on these holidays at half the price for persons in work. More information on PHT’s holidays and how to apply for welfare sessions on PHT’s website.

You can also apply for subsidised holidays for the unemployed organised by Hyvinvointilomat, for which in 2018 PAM pays the own contribution of unemployed members afterwards. More information here.

Have you looked into whether you can use in TE services?

You can get help and support in searching for a job from your local TE office. Contact your local TE office and see if you can use their local services and take part in current labour policy projects. More information on the website in Finnish.

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