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Materials for Shop stewards

Updated: 16.01.2020

Shop stewards, make yourself and PAM visible!
It is worthwile to make a short presentation of yourself, where you also tell the surrounding who you are and how you can be reached. The best place to do so, is on the advertising board in the work place or in the personnel's premises, and on the
intranet, in case there is one.

On the home page, you can find under Material a map by the name of "Material for shopstewards".
The materials include e.g. presentations such as slides, whcih can be edited and used for your own purpose.

In the slides you can for example
- add your photo
- add/delete text
- tell when and where you are available
- your telephone number
- your e-mail address

In the same collection, there is also other materials that you can use. Brochures among other materials, such as admission forms, you can order from PAM's Web Shop free of charge directly to your work place.

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