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Members speak out: why I joined PAM

Updated: 01.03.2021

We asked our members what made them join PAM. Read their answers below: 

Help and advice in employment issues and problems: 

Feeling of security: if there were problems with work, there would be someone to turn to for advice.

I have received valuable help in various situations at work, e.g. the company closing down and lay-offs, or other issues related to work and part-time working.

My last job, which ended August this year, was what you might call a bit troublesome. My supervisor was really bad and treated the employees really badly. I decided to join the union because if there were problems with wage payments, for example, I would have some security for myself.

A relative recommended it after there was an annoying situation about shifts at my workplace.

I had been thinking about joining PAM for many years, but amongst my age group there wasn't much talk about being in a union, so for some reason I didn't do it. But I did have problems with my employer at the time and I didn't have the strength to find out what my rights are as an employee and defend them (I was the only employee in that company, and it was two bosses against me), so I joined PAM to get better support to sort out my issues. And joining PAM was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you for being there, you are doing really valuable work! :)

My employer started co-operation negotiations. It was better to join the union and get protection that way.

We had a new boss at work who started treating us inappropriately, even bullying us. I felt that the trade union is the only place where I could get support. 

I wanted some "security" to back me up, because I thought the commercial sector is uncertain, with low hours, fixed-term contracts etc. and I'm not familiar with the commercial sector in other ways.

Collective agreement in your own sector: 

Important to belong to the union that makes the collective agreement that covers you. 

I always join the union whose collective agreement I am covered by.

The collective agreement for the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry is what is applied in my work, and that's why it was natural to join PAM.

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Unemployment security: 

At least you get security and information if your employer turns up the heat. And earnings-related unemployment benefits if you are laid off or become unemployed! 

PAM gives you moral support and financial security if you lose your job. 

Shop steward services, legal security and earnings-related allowances. 

Joining the union was obvious for me, since as well as the unemployment fund PAM gives you help in employment issues and PAM has supported me even in the most difficult cases :)

Membership benefits: 

Because I get advice, discounts, benefits, unemployment security and lots of other help.

The benefits of a large union and a feeling of security in my own employment issues. 

I wanted to make sure I have the right to use your services, e.g. legal advice, at my workplace we're often operating in grey areas.

Legal services and I always get help, even with the smallest problem.

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Wanting to promote the position and interests of service sector workers: 

I always join the union in the sector where I work. For me it's obvious, representing our interests and all the things the union stands for are very important for me.

I wanted to be involved in supporting and developing issues that affect the interests of us all.

Belonging to a union is obvious for me because I want an organisation that protects my interests as an employee.

If necessary I get help in issues related to working life, also I want to belong to an organisation that protects employees' interests.

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