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Mobility allowance

Updated: 15.07.2021

Mobility allowance covers expenses caused by travelling to work or moving, when you are unemployed and take a job far away from where you currently live.

You can claim mobility allowance before the commencement of actual employment if you start training related to an employment relationship that will last at least two months. You should apply for mobility allowance within three months from the start of your new job or training. 

You can claim mobility allowance, if:

  •  travelling to work or training and back at the beginning of the employment or training (or when you agree on the job if you move to another town because of it) takes more than three hours per day in the case of full-time employment or more than two hours in the case of part-time employment
  • you are entitled to unemployment allowance immediately before the employment begins
  • the length of your employment is at least two months.

Mobility allowance equals the basic unemployment allowance and is paid for no more than five days a week. The 2021 mobility allowance for full-time work without increases is about EUR 726. In addition, a child increase and increased component on the basis of the length of the journey can be sought for the allowance.    

The maximum payment period for mobility allowance is 1-2 months depending on the length of your employment. For a 2-month employment, the maximum period is one month, for a 3-month employment it is 1,5 months and for a 4-month employment it is 2 months. 

EXCEPTION: A mobility allowance may be paid on a temporary basis to both full-time and part-time employees whose daily work-related journeys exceed two hours when the job begins. This temporary change can be applied to jobs that start between June 12, 2020 and September 30, 2021.

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