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New job

Updated: 29.01.2019

When you start in a new job, it pays to remember a few basics.

Make an employment contract

An employment contract can be valid indefinitely or for a fixed period. A written contract is better than an oral contract. It makes it easier to check what you have agreed with your employer.

You start with a trial period

The purpose of the trial period is to find out whether the employment contract matches the expectations on both sides. The trial period and its duration must be agreed in the employment contract.

You should get induction training

Employers are responsible for organising sufficient induction training. The purpose of induction is for you to get sufficient guidance in your duties, the activities at your workplace, the equipment and occupational safety.

When you start in a new job, make sure that you get induction training for your work. Induction means going through your work duties, employment-related matters (e.g. working time, trial period, pay), workstations, matters related to occupational safety, for example instructions and guidance for using equipment and using any protective equipment. During induction you will often make your first contacts with your colleagues.

Often induction trainers will give new employees written material, which you should study carefully. It is very important to ask questions and sort out anything that is unclear!

Take your tax card to your employer

When you start in a new job, take your tax card to your employer. You can order a tax card from the tax office ( and it is usually also posted to your home. If you go to the tax office to collect a tax card, remember to take your employment contract with you. The tax office needs it because it shows the wages that you will pay tax on.

Make a collection agreement for membership fees

When you change jobs, remember to arrange for your employer to deduct your membership fees, unless you want to pay them yourself.

Your old collection agreement only applies to your old employer, not the new one. You need to arrange for your new employer to deduct your membership fees in your new job.

If you return to working life after a prolonged absence, remember to check that membership fees are being deducted from your pay on your pay slip.

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