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Updated: 30.12.2020

The employer must provide sufficient orientation training for new employees. The purpose of new employee orientation is for the employee to receive sufficient instruction for their own duties, the overall operations of their workplace, tools and equipment as well as occupational safety. During orientation training, the new employee will receive the necessary skills to work as a member of the community and perform their duties correctly and safely.

When you start at a new job, make sure you receive orientation training for your work. All employees are entitled to new employee orientation and work guidance – including temporary agency workers, summer workers and seasonal workers.  Comprehensive orientation training is also important for occupational safety.

New employee orientation training will introduce your duties, details of your employment contract (e.g., working hours, trial period, pay), your work stations as well as occupational safety issues, such as training and instruction to operate tools and machines and the use of safety equipment, if relevant.

New employee orientation is also often your first contact with your new workmates.

Typically the person running the orientation training will give out written material, which you should read carefully.

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