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PAM youth committee

Updated: 12.04.2021

The youth committee is a youth expert body appointed by PAM’s Executive Committee. The youth committee refers matters and views affecting young people for decision by the union and also develops and plans youth activities. By making their activities more visible, the youth committee’s members are active spokespeople within PAM and beyond. The youth committee consists of members selected by young people themselves and all PAM regions are represented. Its term of office is one calendar year and is elected in the autumn at the PAM Youth Forum for young people and students. The youth committee meets around 4-10 times a year, after which information on the meetings and decisions is posted in the PAM youth Facebook group and on Instagram @pamnuoret.

Role of the youth committee 

The members of the youth committee plan and develop activities both in their own regions and also nationally at PAM events for young people and students. The youth committee can also take initiatives and launch campaigns and actions for young people and students. The role of the youth committee’s members also includes supporting youth workers in their own region and taking responsibility, for example in running workshops at national events.

As well as national activities, there are lots of regional events and training all around Finland for PAM’s young and student members, to which all members in that region aged under 31 are welcome. Members of the youth committee are involved in developing and putting on these events together with young people in the region – the regional youth action group – and giving a welcome address from the youth committee or, in turn, relaying the greetings and wishes of young people in the region to the youth committee. By joining in you can participate and influence what events are laid on for young and student PAM members, both in your region and nationally. Read more about young people in the regions here.

Election of the youth committee 

Each of PAM’s office regions elects one (1) ordinary member and one personal deputy member (1). Both can attend meetings and contribute to the youth committee in the way they want. The members of the committee are elected at the Youth Forum regional events. To be elected to the youth committee, you must be aged under 30 and be a full PAM member working in a PAM sector whose membership is up to date at the time of being elected.

Conditions for membership of the youth committee 

Candidates for the youth committee must be full PAM members and should preferably be a branch youth worker or committee member. Applicants should also be actively involved in their region’s action group. If there are no candidates in the region with this preferred profile, exceptions can be made where appropriate.

Youth committee meetings 

The youth committee meets 4-10 times a year to discuss topical issues relevant for young people. The youth committee develops activities throughout its term and is a spokesperson and advocate for young PAM members. Youth committee members are active in their own region and are in contact with young people in the region.
Chairperson and deputy chairperson of the youth committee 
The chairperson and deputy chairperson of the youth committee are elected at the Youth Forum from among the newly elected ordinary members of the youth committee. All ordinary members participating in the Youth Forum are entitled to vote (i.e. student members are not entitled to vote). The chairpersons guide the activities of the youth committee during the term and chair its meetings.

Good to know

The union pays the travel and accommodation expenses of youth committee members attending meetings. You get a daily allowance for the actual meeting days and compensation for possible loss of earnings.

Even though the youth committee is an official influencing and decision-making body in PAM, you don’t need to be an experienced influencer with a long CV to stand for election. If you are enthusiastic and you want to influence PAM’s activities for young people and students nationally, the youth committee is the right place for you to learn and get experience of committee work and decision-making in trade union activities.

Youth committee members 2021, please see the  list here.

Youth committee meeting schedule 2021, please see the schedule here.

Do you want to send in suggestions for the youth committee to discuss or contact your region’s youth committee member? Send an email nuoret(at)

More information:
Marjut Pihonen-Randla
youth secretary
tel. 020 774 2045

P.S. Young PAM members also have their own blog! You can read the blog here.
Any young PAM member can contribute blog posts and photos at or

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