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Petäys Resort

Updated: 01.06.2022

Petäys Resort is a versatile conference and leisure hotel on beautiful Lake Vanajavesi. Whether on holiday or on a business trip, you will be sure to enjoy your stay at Petäys!

Petäys Resort is a recreation area offering a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, with or without an instructor. There’s plenty to do all day long for social programmes as part of meetings and to uplift both mind and body. You’ll feel right at home at the Cape of Good Mood! See the pictures in our photo gallery.

Members and local trade union branches receive a 30% discount on accommodation. The discount applies to current prices as well as special offers. The discount is always personal and is granted when you present your membership card and photo ID when checking in. The discount only applies to the room in which the membership card holder is staying.

Enquiries and reservations:

Petäys Resort
Petäyksentie 35
14620 Tyrväntö
Tel. 03 673 301

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