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PHT Welfare Periods

Please note that enquiries about PHT selections should be addressed directly to the organization (contact information below).

Discover your own way of well-being and permanently

Permanent well-being periods are intended for working-age adults

PHT has during the last years renewed the 1. askel (‘first step’) well-being period intended for working-age adults. The new well-being period target especially all working adults.
The course follows a concept based on values and acceptance, which will help the participant to find the keys to his/her own well-being.

There are two emphasis; LIKE and MIELI, where the emphasis is on movement and practise of all skills of the mind. During the courses, focus lies on mindfulness both in exercise, weight control and lifestyle changes. The participant learn how to make considerable choices and make his/her way towards a healthier life.

The well-being periods consist of 3 days + 2 days + 2 days, during which the participants are making permanent life changes. The participant’s psychological flexibility will grow, which will help the participants to discover a holistic wellbeing.

Further information

Application time for well-being courses starting in September-December is open now:

Apply here

More time with the family?

Well-being periods are also available for families with children. The periods offer stimulating group activities with focus on physical exercise. You’ll get lovely memories and shared experiences to take home with you

Apply for this autumn well-being periods for families now:

Apply here

Familiarize yourself with the courses and apply through PHT website (in Finnish):

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is subsidizing the activities by means from the Finnish gaming company Veikkaus.

How to contact PHT:

Customer service weekdays between 1 and 3.30 pm
Tel. 020 144 1310


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