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Service sector job vacancies & Careers service – support with job searching

Updated: 13.04.2021

Service sector job vacancies

PAM’s jobs website is a handy way to apply for jobs in your sector. You can filter the search results based on e.g. location, occupation, type of employment or company. You can also set up a Jobs alert, then jobs will be sent straight to you by e-mail. On the site you can also find tips on job searching and working life.

The content of PAM’s jobs site is provided by Duunitori. The content is automatically updated via the Duunitori jobs search engine. PAM is not responsible for the content of the job ads displayed or the reliability of the employers posting ads.

Service sector job vacancies

Service sector labour market situation

You can use PAM’s labour market service to track changes in the labour market by sector, professional group or employment situation. You can track the jobs situation and trends by job profile and different commuting zones.

The service makes it easy to compare trends in the service sector labour market by year or e.g. locality.

Demand for jobs in the service is based on all browsing data for job ads on the Duunitori website and supply is based on the number of new job vacancy ads, which is visualised in an easily understandable form.

Service sector labour market situation

PAM Careers service – support with job searching

Use PAM’s careers service to progress in your job. The careers service gives you job search support and advice.

  • What does a good job application look like?
  •  What should you put in your CV?
  • Where can I get support and assistance with job searching?
  • What are my strengths?
  • How can I use my skills?
  • Where can I get encouragement for job searching?

You can also use the careers service to get personal job search coaching. The careers service coaches are available by phone Mon-Fri from 10 am to 2 pm, tel. 040 220 6769. You can also use the chat function on the website to ask about job searching and advice.

The careers service website also features videos and webinars. This means you can use the careers service when it suits you best.

PAM Careers service

Logging on to the service
Log on to PAM’s careers service using your online banking codes or mobile ID.

Coaches and content
PAM’s careers service is produced by the coaching team UP Partners. The careers service coaches are skilled and experienced professionals in the field. All coaching discussions with customers are completely confidential.

Personal coaching
You can use PAM’s coaching service to book a personal coaching appointment (30 min.) with a careers coach and get advice and ideas on working life and skills subjects, like making a good job application and CV.

“I definitely recommend the Careers service, which is free of charge. Even if you just need a boost if your mind is going round in a circle. The Careers service coach gave me fantastic support and new ideas when I was fretting about how to cope in my new job."


Riikka, PAM member  

Webinars mean you can access training from your couch at home. Join in a webinar if you want to improve your labour market expertise, hone your job searching skills, or discover overall wellbeing and coping in work and everyday life. You can also use the chat function in the webinar to put questions to the trainer.

Video library
As well as webinars, as a PAM member logged on to the careers service you also have access to a video library with around 60 videos on job searching, employment and skills development, wellbeing at work, and on working and everyday life more generally.

Online courses
Online courses are studying units lasting a few weeks with clearing learning targets. Some of the courses are non-stop, meaning you can start studying right away. Other courses start on a particular date and offer peer support from other participants and the coach. 


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