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Strike pay, Industrial action pay

The industrial action pay is a form of assistance paid by the Union to the employee participating in the strike. Frequently industrial action pay is known as strike pay. A lock-out imposed by an employer also entitlies employees to receive industrial action pay

Its purpose is to ensure the striker’s livelihood as the employer does not, naturally, pay any wages during the strike.
Normally, only the employees that are Union members can receive the industrial action pay.

The employee must have paid the Union membership fees to be eligible for the industrial action pay. The condition for the pay is that the employee has communicated, i.e., registered his or her participation in the strike on the first day of the strike. PAM will always issue separate instructions about the registration.

The payment and amount of industrial action pay are decided case wise by PAM’s Executive Committee or Executive Team. Members of other unions falling within the scope of the strike will receive industrial action pay on the same criteria as PAM members.

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