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Summer workers are coming - checklist for shop stewards

Updated: 30.11.2020

Traditionally summer workers arrive in workplaces in May-June. It is important for shop stewards to remember that it might be a young person’s first job. Therefore it is especially important to introduce yourself and give summer workers a warm welcome. It is also a good idea to check through employment contracts with summer workers.


  • Introduce yourself to summer workers and talk to them. It is important to welcome young people and that they know who the shop stewards are in the workplace.
  • Check with the summer worker that their employment contract has been signed and that the working conditions are in order. The employment contract should include at least the amount of pay, working time, work duties and the duration of employment, the applicable collective agreement and the reason for the employment being fixed-term.
  • Make sure that summer workers receive sufficient induction into their work. The induction should take into account the worker’s education background, vocational skills and work experience. Employers are required to provide guidance for example on the workplace conditions, operational procedures for machinery or equipment and occupational safety.
  • Tell summer workers about the practices at the workplace and any activities.
  • Make yourself available to summer workers and answer their questions.
  • Put the Summer job helpline (Kesäduunari-info) phone number on the workplace notice board. Summer job helpline info provides help free of charge in employment-related issues on tel. 0800 179 279. The service is open from May to the end of August.

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