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Training for shop stewards

Updated: 17.08.2020

Are you newly elected?

Learn about the roles, rights and responsibilities of a shop steward through our orientation material available online. You can find the material here (in Finnish).

When you have been elected, contact your PAM regional office, which will help you get started. PAM regional offices organize orientation events for new employee representatives. Orientation gives you initial information about your role, tools and rights. The orientation event also helps you find cooperation partners.

Take a basic shop steward course as soon as possible

The basic course provides more details about working as a shop steward. You will also become familiar with the basics of the world of work, labour legislation and collective agreements. The course develops your cooperation and negotiation skills and includes an advance assignment and an intermediate assignment. The course lasts 3 days + 2 days. Participation in the basic course is usually paid – in other words, it is supported by your employer (please confirm using this site, in Finnish).

- Check the dates for upcoming basic courses using the training and events calendar (in Finnish).

- View the outline of the basic course for shop stewards here (in Finnish).

Take the continuation course about a year after the basic course

When you have already functioned as a shop steward for about a year after finishing the basic course, we recommend that you take the continuation course. This course provides more in-depth knowledge about organizational activities and the world of work as well as other topics from the basic course. New topics include business administration and international activities as part of the shop steward’s work. On the course, you will carry out a self-assessment of your work as a shop steward and receive peer support and guidance for your future work. The course involves exercises relating to different topics, as well as an advance assignment, a written intermediate assignment and one prepared presentation on your chosen topic. The course lasts 5 days + 5 days.

Participation in the continuation course is usually paid – in other words, it is supported by your employer (please confirm using a table from this site, in Finnish).

Refresher courses for employee representatives

If you have already taken a basic course for shop stewards or occupational safety representatives, you can consolidate and update your competence on a refresher course at Kiljava Institute. In addition to courses commissioned by PAM, you are free to choose any short course from the institute’s list of courses once every year.

More information about courses and dates is available on the Kiljava Institute website (in Finnish). You should always sign up for Kiljava courses via PAM’s Course Secretary (e-mail: kurssisihteeri(at), tel. 020 774 2070).

PAM also organizes sector-specific refresher courses for employee representatives. Follow the training and events calendar (in Finnish) and course advertisements in the PAM.FI maganzine (in Finnish).

Participation in some refresher courses may be paid, which means that you will be paid compensation for loss of earnings equivalent to your regular pay. In other cases, employee representatives receive support in the form of a training day allowance or a course scholarship.

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