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Discounts on payments

PAM members can get a continuous 10% discount on voluntary home, car and life insurance policies from Turva Mutual Insurance Company starting from the first insurance term. In addition, members are entitled to a 5% customer-owner discount starting from the first insurance term, when they purchase home or car insurance from Turva. In other cases, the discount is available as from the second insurance term. You can also get a customer-owner discount on the statutory car insurance. After five years as a customer-owner, the discount increases to 7%. After 10 years of customer-ownership, the discount will be 10%.

No-claims bonus

You can also receive the highest car insurance no-claims bonus for the Turvakasko insurance issued with bonus rights for a second car or a motorcycle used privately by your family. The precondition is that the bonus can be transferred from one vehicle to another according to the regulations in force.

Extra bonus on home insurance

Home contents insurance covers your work-related tools and supplies up to 4,500 euros. If your home insurance includes liability insurance, it’s also valid for voluntary work performed outside employment. In contrast to the conditions of restriction, the liability insurance covers damage caused during the work. The maximum amount of compensation is 1,700 euros per damage.

More information on insurance and member benefits is available from Turva by calling 01019 5110, via e-mail to asiakaspalvelu@turva.fi or online (in Finnish).

Further information (in Finnish)

More information for employee representatives

Travel insurance for employee representatives

PAM’s employee representatives are insured when travelling while off-duty. The insurance covers the union’s shop stewards, occupational safety representatives, occupational safety delegates and EWC delegates as well as their deputies. The insurance also covers family members aged under 15 (biological children or children living in the same household) when they are travelling with the above-mentioned insured individuals.


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