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Uni Passport

Are you heading abroad to work in the commerce, gaming, hairdressing, beauty, security, cleaning, tourism or telemarketing sectors? The UNI Passport gives you access to a global network of over 900 trade unions.

The Passport gives you:

  • a chance to make contact with a local affiliated union in your new country;
  • help familiarizing yourself with your new local community (such as mailing lists and invitations to cultural and political events);
  • the opportunity to get involved in local activities – in working groups dealing with professional issues or training courses, for example;
  • advice on employment issues (you might want to check your contract or ask about local labour laws and collective agreements, for example);
  • information on working conditions, holidays, tax, housing, occupational health care, pensions, etc.;
  • legal protection if something goes wrong with your employer.

How to get a UNI Passport

Read more about the UNI Passport and fill in an application here. With the Passport, you’ll receive a list of UNI’s regional offices, where you can get more information about trade union services in your new country.

More information for employee representatives

Are you heading abroad to work? If you would like to join trade unions elsewhere in the world, it's worth getting a Uni Passport. As a member of PAM, you are entitled to a Uni Passport. 

You can fill the application form here


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