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What to do if you become unemployed

Updated: 10.03.2021

If you lose your job and apply to the Unemployment Fund for earnings-related unemployment allowance, this is what you should do:

  1. Register as a job seeker at your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) on your first day of unemployment at the latest. Offices are listed on the TE services website.
  2. Fill out an application. You can submit an electronic application using our e-service. You can print out an application form here or contact the Fund's customer service and ask them to mail you application forms. 
  3. Make sure that you have the necessary attachments for the application. Additional instructions are available further down and on the application form. If you are unsure about the necessary attachments, ask the Unemployment Fund.
  4. Send the application to the Unemployment Fund. Always send any printed applications to this address: PAM Unemployment Fund, P.O. Box 93, 00531 HELSINKI

Fill out the application carefully

You should always fill out the first application for at least two full weeks and send it to the Unemployment Fund no later than within 3 months of the beginning of your unemployment. You can also apply for a child supplement and an increased earnings-related component on the same form. You should always send each application afterwards, in other words, no earlier than the last day of the application period in question. If you need the original document attachments later, send copies to the Fund.

Attachments required for your first application:

  • A pay certificate for the qualifying period of employment (26 weeks) to determine the daily amount of allowance. The certificate must include the starting and ending dates of employment, the amount of taxable pay earned, holiday pay and holiday compensation, as well as any unpaid periods.
  • Copies of your employment contract and notice of termination/ layoff notice
  • Your tax card is only required if you have a graduated tax card or if you have requested a revised tax card from your local tax office. The tax card must be the original document.
  • An account of weekly working hours and pay, if you have occasionally worked less than 18 hours per week. Ask your employer to sign the account. You can access the form here (in Finnish)
  • Evidence of all acceptable reasons for extending the 28-month reference period for the qualifying period of employment (a Kela decision, certificate of studies, etc.).
  • Evidence of social benefits paid to you or your family affecting your unemployment allowance (such as a Kela decision on child home care allowance granted to your family).
  • An extract of the register of occupants of your home, if you are applying for a child supplement for the children of your spouse/partner. The Unemployment Fund will receive information about your own children aged under 18 from the Population Register Centre. (You can apply for a child supplement by adding details of your children in the relevant section of the application form.)
  • A copy of your latest confirmed tax certificate, if you have earnings from agriculture, forestry or reindeer husbandry.

Attachments required for follow-up applications:

  •  If you are fully unemployed, you do not need to include any attachments with subsequent applications.
  • Payslips or a pay certificate if you have done some work during the application period.
  • Evidence of any other benefits affecting unemployment allowance that you have received and any changes to these.

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