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Wilderness cabins in Ivalo

Those who enjoy Lapland can rent well-maintained cabins for four people by Nanguvuono Fjord in Lake Inari, situated 20 kilometres from Ivalo. It is a 1.5-kilometre walk to the cabins.

The cabins are equipped with electric heating, a fridge, a cooker top and crockery. There are two wood-heated saunas, a smoke sauna, a lounge with a fireplace and a barbecue shelter with a smoker for shared use. Each cabin comes with a rowing boat (please bring your own life vests).

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Rental prices:

5 days 200€

6 days 240€

7 days 280€

Minimum rental period 5 days.

Cabins are available for bookings from 1 June to 30 September.

For further information about PAM cabins, reservation enquiries and reservations, please visit the PAM member page for Harjun Portti Tourist Centre (in Finnish; information in English here).

Reservations for year 2020 are accepted starting from 2 September 2019.

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