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PAM negotiates collective agreements

PAM’s primary task is to negotiate collective agreements for workers in service sectors.  Through collective agreements, PAM develops and supervises its members’ interests and ensures that fair rules are followed in workplaces and working life.

The collective agreement protects the worker

In many respects, collective agreements exceed the requirements of the law. The collective agreement determines the minimum level which must always be met, with no exceptions. However, the minimum level may be exceeded if agreed in the workplace or in a personal employment contract. 

The collective agreement is a basic agreement negotiated between the trade union (PAM) and the employers’ association.
The collective agreement determines the minimum terms of employment, including the following:

The purpose of the provisions of a collective agreement is to safeguard the position of the worker and ensure fair treatment. The employer must apply the provisions of the collective agreement to all its employees. Everyone must have at least a basic level of security, which is determined in the collective agreement.

The worker can negotiate better terms in the employment contract; the collective agreement only sets minimum levels. PAM will help you if the minimum levels are not being met. 

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Did you know that many terms of employment negotiated by PAM for service sectors exceed the requirements of the law?  

Pay supplementsNo provisionsTrade union negotiated
Work week40 hoursTrade union negotiated, often 37,5 hours
Minimum working timeNo provisionsTrade union negotiated
Coffee breaksNo provisionsTrade union negotiated
Reduced hours on mid-week public holiday weekNo provisionsTrade union negotiated
Weekly restWeekly rest period
(1 day off per week)
Main rule is a five-day week on average
(2 days of rest per week)
Holiday bonusNo provisions50 % of annual holiday pay
Sick leave with payThe salaried period is at most 1+9 daysSalaried sick leave can be up to 8 weeks
Temporary absenceRight to absence for compelling reasonMain rule is right to day off with pay for 1-3 days for care of sick child, your wedding, funeral
Pay during parental leaveNo provisionsTrade union negotiated