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Last updated: 21.03.2024

Starting a new job – a checklist

There are some basics you should remember every time you start a new job. You can use this checklist to make sure everything is in order.

Make an employment contract 

You should make a written employment contract, if possible. Written agreements are always superior to verbal agreements. Writing makes it easy to verify what you have agreed to with your employer.  

Your contract may be permanent or for a fixed term.  

First there’s a trial period 

The purpose of the trial period is to let both parties evaluate whether the contract meets their expectations. The trial period and its length must be included in the employment contract.  

You have a right to orientation

Your employer is responsible for providing sufficient orientation training. The purpose of orientation is to teach you your duties, how the workplace operates, how to use the tools correctly, and about occupational safety. 

During orientation, you will learn about your tasks, employment relationship matters (working hours, probation, pay, etc.), and workstations. You will also review occupational safety matters such as how to use machines and devices and any personal protective equipment (PPE). This is also often your first contact with your new workmates.  

If your employer has not arranged orientation or you find it insufficient, do not hesitate to ask for proper orientation, instruction and guidance.

Typically, your mentor will give you written materials that you should read carefully. If you are unclear on anything, promptly ask for more information!  

Tax card 

You must deliver your tax card to your new employer. As an exception, you do not need to deliver your card if your employer receives your withholding tax information electronically from the Tax Administration. 

In general, you will receive your tax card by mail, but you can also order them from the Tax Administration ( If you apply for a tax card, you must give an estimate of your annual income. 

Make a membership fee collection agreement 

If this is your first job, join your industry’s trades union. PAM is the best choice for service sector workers. 

If you are changing jobs, remember to arrange your membership fees. Whenever you change jobs, you must negotiate the payment of your membership fees with your new employer. For more information, read the article Two ways to pay membership fees.

If you return to employment after an extended absence, please check your payslip to make sure your membership fees have been correctly withheld from your pay. 

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Become a member

PAM is your union if you work in the private service sector as a salesperson, cleaner, waiter, cook, security guard or caretaker, for example. We negotiate the terms and conditions of your job.