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PAM for Couriers

PAM Couriers Finland is a branch for platform workers and self-employed. Join PAM if you are self-employed and work as a courier! We are stronger together and can change things for the better.

Couriers deserve basic rights at work

At the moment couriers lack the basic rights at work in Finland that workers in other sectors have enjoyed for decades. We believe that couriers deserve basic rights, and that’s why we need a collective agreement.

Benefits of a collective agreement:

  • Couriers can influence the terms of the agreement.
  • Same minimum terms and security for everyone.
  • The platform can’t change the terms or payment scheme without negotiating with couriers.

PAM is committed to defining new ways of collective bargaining which takes into account new ways of working and self-employed workers. Negotiations with Wolt have now started.

Join PAM and PAM Couriers Finland

We want to improve the status of couriers but this can’t be done alone. We are stronger together, so we need as many couriers as possible to join PAM Couriers Finland.

Freedom of assembly and freedom of association are guaranteed in the Constitution of Finland. This includes the freedom to form trade unions and to engage in collective bargaining.

What you get as a member

Advice and legal counselling

Do you need help with contractual or legal issues to do with work? Are there problems in your workplace that you cannot solve on your own? PAM’s experts are here to help!

Guidance on your career path

Do you want to study for another job or find the thing that you’re really good at? Our career services don’t cost you anything. You will get personal coaching and can take various courses and webinars.

A wide range of training

Learn new things and network with other service sector employees on PAM’s training courses! We provide a wide range of training – something for everyone. We also offer a large number of webinars. Take a look at our courses and sign up. 

PAM Magazine

PAM Magazine is delivered to your home six times a year. The magazine provides up-to-date information about service sectors and plenty of other useful information.

Member discounts

PAM members get dozens of member discounts and benefits such as Neste fuel discount, insurance discounts, hotel discounts and the thousands of benefits available in the CityShoppari app, and much more!

PAM Couriers Finland ry

PAM Couriers Finland ry is a nation-wide union branch of couriers for couriers. The aim is to bring platform workers together and to improve couriers’ working conditions and position in society together. We work to organise courier workers and the first step is to join PAM.


Papy Nkunda, Chair of PAM Couriers Finland, tel. 045 661 6143

Dalim Fakhrul, Secretary of PAM Couriers Finland, tel. 040 651 5514

Membership fee for self-employed couriers in 2024

The membership fee for self-employed couriers is 10 euros per month in 2024. You will receive payment references by post when your application of membership has been processed. Please note that this form does not include membership in the Unemployment Fund.

Strength in unity – Join PAM and PAM Couriers Finland!

Recommend membership to your courier friend!

We reward members that recommend membership in PAM Couriers Finland. When your friend joins, you can choose from a S-group, Lidl or K-group gift voucher. One new member earns you a €10 voucher, while you get a €250 voucher for five new members.