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Last updated: 09.07.2024

Have you just started working in the service sector?

We welcome you to the service industries! PAM is your trades union if you work full-time, part-time, or summers, for example, in the private service sector.

Workers should remember some important facts about working life and work in general. Workers have responsibilities but also many rights. 

We have collected the information on this page just for you.  

1. Finding a job and what to check before starting work 

If you are looking for a job, take a look at PAM’s job advertisements page (in Finnish) where you can find all open positions in the service sector. Also check out our job interview article: Interviewing for a job? Instructions for applicants. 

Once you are hired, check what an employment relationship is and what are its rules. 

2. Starting your employment relationship 

Remember to join PAM. Your membership protects you during employment and if you become unemployed. 

3. Working 

4. Termination 

Are you under 18 and working in the service sector?