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Learn new things and network with other service sector employees in PAM’s training courses! Take a look at our courses and sign up.

PAM’s training courses develop the skills you need at work

PAM offers a large variety of courses that will help answer many of your questions and will give you various work skills. In the courses, you will develop your competence and working life skills that will help you succeed in your career, increase your wellbeing and cope better. In addition, there are plenty of webinars on topical issues in working life and to support your personal life.

All PAM’s training courses can be found in the training and event calendar (in Finnish). Check out the training and courses and sign up by clicking on the registration link of the appropriate training.

Take a look at our courses and sign up

PAM’s training is free for members

PAM pays for the training it organises, catering according to the programme of the course days, travel costs and accommodation if necessary.

Remember to always let us know if you are unable to attend the training, or we will have to charge you for some of the training costs.

Upcoming trainings

Solidaarisuusvastaava – mikä se on? – perehdytys kiinnostuneille verkossa!
3.10. – 3.10.
Lokakuun Ajankohtaiskahvit; #PAINAVA SYY
3.10. – 3.10.
Tampereen toimisto, Aleksis Kiven katu 18 B, 3. krs
Löydä motivaatio työhön uudelleen -koulutus luottamushenkilöille.
5.10. – 5.10.
Sokos hotelli Torni, Ratapihankatu 43