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In society

Workers in the service sectors are involved in the daily lives of Finns and making every day a special occasion.

We are an active and responsible actor in society, seeking to ensure a better working life and quality of life for workers, students and the unemployed.

PAM influences society

We are in contact with decision-makers and the authorities. We issue statements. We negotiate with employers.

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PAM studies

We want to know how things really are and how they affect the lives of people in the service sectors. We carry out studies and surveys and are involved in research projects.

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PAM is international

In international organisations, we work for the rights of workers worldwide, better working conditions and the organisation of workers.

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For the media

Are you looking for information about the employment rate or employees’ views or statistics on wages and income in service sectors? We help journalists find experts to interview, and we also offer research information and statistics for media use.