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Last updated: 09.08.2023

Go study for a service sector trade or profession!

Vocational qualifications are a great way to develop your skills and employment potential. Many service sector workers also head to higher education institutions.

Are you interested in commerce, hairstyling, property, tourism, or perhaps restaurants?  

In general, service sector positions require an upper secondary education. You can complete these studies after comprehensive school or later. Finnish vocational education institutions take in students all year round. 

There are many service sector degrees and qualifications. You can learn about vocational qualifications on the Studyinfo website. At the start, you will plan the structure and pace of your studies with your school using a personal competence development plan (henkilökohtainen osaamisen kehittämissuunnitelma, HOKS). 

Once you have completed the basic industry studies or possess enough work experience, you can study to be certified as a professional or specialist. These studies are typically undertaken while working – an excellent choice for the already employed. Vocational degrees and qualifications may also be completed as an apprenticeship. 

You can also simply update your skill set with some of the studies without completing a full degree or qualification. 

Contact your local vocational education institute for more information. The statistics are clear: completed vocational degrees and qualifications raise workers’ employment rate considerably. Education remains the best protection against unemployment. 

Higher education institutions 

Higher education is now increasingly common among service sector workers. You can enrol in a university after completing an upper secondary education, meaning secondary school or vocational school. You can apply to universities based on your grades from upper secondary education or through the joint application system’s entrance exams. See the Studyinfo website for more information about the joint application system for higher education. 

You can also study in higher education without aiming for a degree. Open universities offer the opportunity to independently study various higher education modules.  

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