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Last updated: 09.07.2024

What should you do if you are laid off or terminated?

In case of lay-offs or unemployment, immediately register as an unemployed jobseeker with your TE office. You must maintain your status as an unemployed jobseeker to receive unemployment allowance from your unemployment fund or Kela.

Registering as an unemployed jobseeker 

You should register as an unemployed jobseeker no later than on your first day of being laid off or unemployed. You can register online (TE Services). Acting quickly is important because your status depends on your day of registration. Unemployment benefits are only paid for the period when you were a jobseeker. 

Apply for earnings-based daily allowance from the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United PAM 

If you are a member of PAM and meet the employment requirement, you may be entitled to receive earnings-based daily allowance. Read more about the requirements for receiving earnings-based daily allowance on the website of PAM’s unemployment fund. The PAM unemployment fund is notified by the TE office of your jobseeker status.  

Submit your earnings-related unemployment allowance application and its appendices to the unemployment fund after two weeks (14 days) of unemployment or lay-off. The allowance may not be applied for in advance, it can only be received retroactively. You must submit your application within three months of the first day of allowance. Read more about earnings-related unemployment allowance applications on the PAM unemployment fund’s website.  

You can submit the application on the PAM unemployment fund’s website. Please fill in the application carefully so that we can process it as quickly as possible. If you need help with the application, see the fund’s online instructions: How to submit an application online.  

Not yet a member of PAM and our unemployment fund? 

If you become unemployed (dismissed or laid off) while not a member of an unemployment fund, you can receive the basic unemployment allowance or labour market benefit from Kela, depending on your occupational history. Kela does not base its unemployment allowance on your earnings – the amount is the same for everyone.